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Boston Pride Virtual Event Calendar

On April 7th, 2020, the Boston Committee made the very difficult decision to postpone all of our major public events until next year due to the coronavirus pandemic.  This was done out of concern for the health and wellbeing of our community and allies. However, it remained important to find a way to bring LGBTQ people together to commemorate 50 years of Pride in Boston, to honor the network of care that comprises LGBTQ community, and to celebrate the fabulous and multi-faceted expressions of LGBTQ culture. 

From that point, our Committee went to work pivoting to developing virtual events for this Pride season.  We envisioned a series of events for the month of June that will keep our community connected and moving forward.  We investigated multiple platforms that would be suitable for our flagship events, and brainstormed on the many programming opportunities made available to us by our new virtual world.

Not only were we able to move a majority of our events to the virtual world, we also built a long list of new programs to add both now and in the future.  We moved our Flag Raising, Political Forum, Pride Lights, and Festival events online.  For new events, we collaborated with partners to present a virtual book reading, create a cooking demonstration, hold multiple forums on our rich history, explore the world of queer dance, and showcase up-and-coming LGBTQI artists and performers.  Our goal in this was to highlight the passion of our community members as they make a difference in our collective effort to promote and embrace diversity. 

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