Pride Peacock

By Megan Dirsa-DuBois

Original artwork by Megan Dirsa-DuBois.

From a very young age, I was always interested in drawing. However, I was told growing up that I could never make a living as an artist. I chose to become a journalist by enlisting in the Army when I was 17 years old, after graduating from St. Peter-Marian High School. 

Where I live now, here in Florida, there is a group of peacocks just two blocks away, that often stop traffic. They are just such beautiful creatures, so I chose to make a pen and ink drawing while I was taking an art class at the local college. It seems a bit odd or funny now to learn that a group of peahens and peachicks are collectively called a “Pride.”  So, it was just fitting. I just had to add the rainbow!