By Brit Whitmore Weidel

Brit Whitmore Weidel, “Queer”, Ink on Paper, 41″x 39″

“Queer” is a piece that began as a figure study with two models and ended as a peek into my personal experience within the queer womxn community. The intimate space invites both a sacred and secret feeling, echoing queer history’s silencing as well as today’s increased acceptance. Queer intimacy and love represent timeless freedom, existing outside the binary of ostracization and acceptance. The image also suggests a sense of the queer domestic and is a look at what some lucky people’s quarantines contain.

Brit Whitmore Weidel

Mx. Brit Whitmore Weidel is a local artist living in South Medford with her fiancée. She grew up in New York and received her MFA at New York Studio School in Manhattan. Mx. Brit is a classical oil painter and proud dapper butch lesbian artist. All of her work is done with the intention of sharing a piece of how a queer womxn person observes the world and connects to it. Please follow her and her art career @britwhitmoreweidel on Instagram!