Boston Pride’s Resource Guide

Let’s Build It Together 

Maine. Vermont. New Hampshire. Connecticut. Rhode Island. Massachusetts. New England is the focus of Boston Pride’s new Resource Guide. While many national and urban LGBTQIA+ organizations provide helpful resources to the community, they often overlook the needs of those living in smaller or rural towns. Where can they go in their town and know they will be welcomed? Where can they receive support and friendship? During Pride Month, LGBTQIA+ visibility is prevalent, but what about the other eleven months out of the year? Where can New Englanders find a reliable source to locate a LGBTQIA+ friendly bar in the cold of February or a physician’s office they’ll feel safer at? These were the motivations behind building Boston Pride’s Resource Guide. 

While the Guide does include resources in New England’s major cities, the hope is that Boston Pride’s Resource Guide encompasses a regional approach to achieve a tighter knit New England LGBTQIA+ community. 

Initially, the Guide was flooded with services aimed at fighting discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community. While these are necessary, there was a deep sense that something was missing. United not only in solidarity, but in pride, love, and joy, the Guide expanded to include bars and drag shows. From helping users book an appointment with a LGBTQIA+-specialized physician at Fenway Health, to highlighting a queer trivia night at Trident Bookseller’s Café, the Guide serves as a companion in navigating all aspects of queer life. In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boston Pride’s Resource Guide also serves as a compass toward LGBTQIA+-owned and operated businesses that need support from our community. Currently, Boston Pride has a resources tab on its website dedicated to COVID-19-specific resources at

As of publication, there are six categories included in the Guide: Health & Education; Spiritual & Faith; Youth & Family; Nightlife, Arts, & Recreation; Pride & LGBTQIA+ Centers; and Legal & Professional. With over 200 resources, this is a start, but Boston Pride needs the public’s help. Creating a guide that seeps into every outlet the community and allies have to offer is challenging. We have discovered a multitude of resources through word of mouth, a healthy amount of Instagram stalking, and LGBTQIA+ event newsletters (shout out to The List: Boston’s Queer Agenda!). Please submit proposals for additions to the Guide at All LGBTQIA+-centered and allied organizations welcomed. 

Boston Pride’s Resource Guide is made by and for the New England LGBTQIA+ community.